25 Goals Before 26

Thursday, June 05, 2014


I have taken my time putting together my birthday goal list for this year but I am glad I did. I really wanted to think about it and pick 25 realistic goals rather that just throwing stuff together. So here it is, my 25 goals I hope to achieve before I turn 26 next May. Some are silly, some are serious and some are brought forward from last year that I didn’t complete.  

1. Become a morning person
2. Try my hand at making homemade pickles
3. Run a 10k
4. Taste one new beer a month
5. Plan a big trip to another part of the world
6. Pass my driving test
7. Go on a day long hiking trip
8. Go kayaking
9. Change up my hair
10. Treat my parents
11. Pay off my loan
12. Learn how to use an DSLR
13. Assist on a photo shoot
14. Edit all the video footage I have from my camera and iPhone (too much!)
15. Brew my own beer
16. Take a course in a new interest
17. Make a printed photo album
18. Do a proper wardrobe clear out and experiment with my clothes
19. Host a themed dinner night
20. Wear heels on a night out (and not complain!)
21. Take one full week away from the internet
22. Learn how to make basic cocktails well
23. Grow herbs
24. Start a Youtube channel (I put this down last year so we’ll see about this one)
25. Give blood

I have a good feeling about the year, I know goals can change but it feels good to set out some purpose for myself even if it is something as simple as making pickles ;)

Photo via deathtothestockphoto

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