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Monday, June 02, 2014

everyday makeup1
everydaymakeup3So something I haven't talked about in a while on this blog is makeup. When I was a teenager and into college I was obsessed with makeup and especially expensive colourful things. I would easily spend a fortune on Urban Decay and Mac without even thinking but over the years I have simplified my routine and found cheaper alternatives for a more natrual look. I like to keep it simple experimenting more with foundations and lips that crazy eyeshadow colours. I try to change up my products every few weeks but this is what I am wearing at the moment. 

This was a recommendation from the beautiful EssieButton and I do love it as an everyday foundation. Its very light with not much coverage but does cover my redness. 

Colection concealer is so hyped on the internet I don't need to say much about it, but if you don't already it it in you makeup arsenal it is perfect for dodgy breakouts. As it is pretty heavy I like to use the Wake Me Up for under my eyes, very light but really brightens. 

A classic to keep my face from falling off during the day. I use the translucent as I don't want to add anything too cakey on top of my foundation. 

I was excited when I saw Wet n' Wild come in to Dunnes Stores a few weeks a go as it is a very affordable brand. I like this trio for everyday but I'm not in love with it. The eyshadow have a strong pigement but the colours are a little too shimmery for me.

I swear I have had this blush for over 2 years and still haven't reached the pan! Its the perfect rose colour for my skin tone. 

Ok this is a cheat as I don't use this everyday, this is more my "I'm not running out the door late and not throwing everything one my face" step. You know I have got up on time when I have some slick eyeliner on. 

I'm beginning to think this post is making me look like I am sponsored by Rimmel but they always seem to have an offer on. I got this mascara free with an offer they had on and it really surprised me. Really thickening mascara with a MASSIVE wand. I always change up my mascaras but I will repurchase this after I finish. 

I really love the colour of this lip stain and it has really great lasting power but the one thing I find hard to put up with is the taste of it. If anyone else has one of these lips stains can you let me know if you find it tastes weird too or is it just me? 

I hope to make these kind of posts regular and change up my makeup more often. I love seeing what other people use in their everyday routines, so hope you do too. 

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