Big Lush Birthday Haul

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ok I know my birthday was a while back now but I thought some of you might still want to see the lovely Lush stash I picked up. I was quiet spoiled this birthday season I must admit. As well as receiving beautiful flowers delivered to me in work I was also let loose in Lush one afternoon to get anything I wanted. With that open invitation I ticked off a few items that had been on my Lush wish list for some time.

Tea Tree Water Toner:
Not many people believe in the toner step of a skincare routine but it has always been my favourite. I love how squeaky clean it makes your face feel before applying moisteriser and with larger pores I find it is the best way to tackle them. As my skin has been slightly problematic (spotty!) I thought I wouldn't be going to wrong with some tea tree, it also doens't hurt that it smells amazing.
American Dream Hair Conditioner:
I have never been one to have trouble with my hair, I thank having a mother as a hairdresser growing up for that but lately no matter what I do split and dry ends have taken over. I am far too attached to my hair to cut it all off but I hope this "miracle" conditioner can help. And if not thankfully it smells like a milkshake.
Vanilla Dee-lite Body Moisteriser:
I think I have talked about Vanilla Dee-Lite on the blog before, if I haven't I'm shocked as I as obsessed with it! Is it just me or is there one smell you wish you could smell like forever? If I had to pick it would be this one. The perfect vanilla. It is also a great moisturiser for throwing on in the mornings as it is super light and dries super quick!

BubbleGum Lip Scrub:
This was definitely an impulse purchase. I have wanted this scrub for so long but I couldn't justify spending €7 on a glorified pot of sugar but I caved and so happy I did! It leaves my lips super soft and you can eat it (bonus!).

Dorothy & Amandopondo Bubble Bars:
I can never go to Lush and not buy a bubble bar in some form or another even though they can be on the pricey side especially in the Dublin store. I decided two smalls ones to tide me over and also to branch away from my tried and tested Comforter Bubble Bar. Dorothy is obviously the one with the rainbow; it gives off a very orange citrus scent. Amandopondo is similar but with a more rose scent and lemon kick.

And finally I picked up a small charity pot for a euro at the till, all profit from them goes to charity, its a handy pot of moisteriser for the handbag and always smells amazing.

I think considering all the magical things one can buy in Lush I was quiet restrained with my purchases. Let's just ignore the fact I have been to Lush twice since this visit but thats for another post.

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