Life Lately #3 || Out with friends, eating well and holidaying in France

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hello Internet, it has been a while. I took a little blogging hiatus for the past month but all for good reason of course, and some general laziness that come with the summer months. I think I still live by a student timetable despite not being a student anymore, once the end of May hits it's sleepy time so a little holiday was in order. If you follow me on Instagram (If you don't you're missing out on far too many photos of pizza @Claireannq) you would have seen many gloating photos from my mini holiday to France and long weekend in Galway. It felt amazing to get a break, I really felt like it cleared the cobwebs from my head. Below are some more highlights from my summer so far.

i.) Hanging out with Friends while I can
My beautiful friend Niamh has been home for the summer from Finland so there has been lots of Pimms consumed and mini adventures over the weekends. We have already been on a boat trip, an educational trip to Craggaunowen and a fancy weekend to Galway. She's only here for a short few weeks so we are trying to make it count while we can. More adventures to come. 

ii) Too many Cooling Beverages
Between iced coffees and iced beers this warm weather has made for a good excuse to indulge in anything cold. I'm not even a big coffee person but I can't seem to walk past a Costa without having to get my hands on an Iced Caramel Latte. 

iii) Revisiting my Childhood
With the 7 year anniversary of the last Harry Potter book being released I thought it was a good time to revisit the series I loved so much. I read the Philosopher Stone over my week in France between stuffing my face with baguettes and chilling by the pool.  I am so excited to read them again and they are even more magical than I remembered. 

iv) And Eating Everything
Every weekend I seem to be going out to eat, and I'm not complaining in the slightest. Especially when in Galway as it is my foodie heaven. My favourite place we went to was Cava Galway for tapas before going to see Ballyturk in Galway Arts Festival (also amazing!).  Myself and Niamh had been dreaming of eating here ever since we booked our trip and it didn't disappoint. I mean look at all the food in that picture!

So now that I have the awkward "Where have I been" post out of the way I have loads of posts planned I want to get out so look forward to some new reviews, a whole lot of hauls as I have been very spendy lately and some mini adventures. 

So how has everyone else been this summer? 

I'm glad to see all my blogger friends doing so well lately, congrats to Rebecca on her Blog Awards nomination and a big welcome back to Aoife and Lorna, so happy to see their posts popping back in my feed again. 

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