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Sunday, August 17, 2014

If there is one thing in life I am not it’s minimal, maybe in my clothes but when it come to other areas in my life I keep everything and love some good knick-knacks to surround myself with. Many are filled with memories while others are just beautiful things to fill my shelves. In this new series I want to share some of the more special knick-knacks I hold on to.Nannajewellery2
I am thankfully one of the lucky few who still have grandparents around in their lives. My Nanna turned the ripe age of 83 this year and there are no signs of her slowing down anytime soon. She has been a constant in my life, from being my bus driver when I was in school to working alongside me in my first job in a deli when I was 15. Every Saturday she comes to visit home and get her hair done by my mam before heading off dancing, she is still a natural blonde ;) She has a take no bullsh*t attitude and with everything that has been thrown at her in life she always just gets on with it and never slows down. My Nanna is also the most generous woman I know and puts everyone ahead of herself. She had a lot of grandkids and now even great grandkids but knows all their individual quirks and likes. My Nanna knows I have a love of all things old so she has entrusted me with some of her beautiful treasures over the years. My two favourites come in the form of jewellery made from money, which sounds strange, but apparently it was a thing back in the day.

The first piece is a charm bracelet filled with 3 pence pieces ranging in dates from 1907 to 1940. It is so amazing to think I have something in my possession that has so much history. The only downside it is super noisy to wear so unfortunately doesn’t get an outing from the jewellery box too often.

The chain pendant is something I only found out recently what is actually was. Inside the tiny brass box marked 10 is actually a folded up 10 shilling note, seems like such an odd thing to make into jewellery but I love it! It’s nice to think I am wearing something so small but hidden inside is THIS.

Hope you liked seeing some of my little knick-knacks; do you have any pieces passed down to you that you treasure?

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