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Friday, February 13, 2015

Long time no see blog! I seem to have abandoned you there for a while. To my more regular readers (all 5 of you!) you might notice a bit of a “rebrand”. This blog will now be going under the silly title of Pudding Sunday and I love it! This may be my second or third name change over the years but I think this is more fitting for what I want this blog to be at the moment, simply a personal blog with posts on my many interests and things I am up to.

The last year I think I started to take this little blog a tad too seriously and forgetting that this is just a fun hobby and shouldn’t worry too much about sticking to the same content. I think with the surge of professional blogging and bloggers throughout the years there has been a lot of talk of finding you niche and your “brand”. This is great if that is what you started your blog for and it is your career but for me I remember I started this blog to have a log of my life, share my interests and get to chat to some people through it that may be interested in the same things. In saying this I do plan on still using the Claire-ann.com website but this will be more for my professional freelance work. I will have a blog on this site also but with a focus on event management, marketing, design and blogging to work as a guide to for small businesses. I felt it was necessary to make this distinction with two separate blogs/websites even though the two will potentially cross over. I enjoy writing about business as much as I do beauty and lifestyle but I want this space to be where I have more freedom with my content. I like to think of it like the Claire Ann website will be a part of my 9-5 and Pudding Sunday is my fun at the weekends. 

I will be launching my professional website in the next week and will hopefully fill it with helpful content for small craft and design businesses over the next year. And I will be filling this space with beauty, some cooking, lifestyle and whatever else takes my fancy in the week. Now the boring update over, now for some fun content! 

Hope you stick around!

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