What's on my face #2 || Everyday Makeup Refresh

Sunday, February 22, 2015

I did a What's on my Face post a few months ago and my makeup has had a bit of a change up since. I love trying new products and rotating my makeup bag with different things so here is a peak into what I am using up the most at the moment.  It looks a bit higher end since last time but I blame holidays and duty frees. 

I got out of the habit of wearing primers for a while it. I had heard a lot about Porefessional and grabbed in the Duty Free back in the summer. I wouldn’t say I’m blown away with it but it does make my makeup settle much easier on my face and I do notice the days I forget to put it on. 

This was an “in a pinch” purchase more than a thought out item I wanted. You know those days when you just need a foundation and see an offer in Tesco. In saying that I actually love it! Great coverage, a bit heavier than my usual but blends really nicely and finally Rimmel have made their Ivory colour actually pale enough for me. 

I love the Bourgois Healthy Mix foundation, I talked about it in my last What's on my Face post so I thought the concealer would be just a good. To be honest it really doesn’t compare to the foundation but I am very fussy about my concealer. It’s very yellow in colour so not great for under my eyes but works well for redness. 

I wonder can you tell by this post that there was an offer on the Bourgois stand in Boots? This is a great powder though for setting foundation. It mattifies without actually looking like you’re wearing loads of powder and even though there is a colour in the description it applies more transparent. 

Another of Urban Decays talked about eyeshadow palettes.  I didn’t really get the hype around this for a while as it just seemed like a lot of money for a small palett but once I got my hands on it I couldn’t be without it! Sometimes you don’t want to have to think about what to put on your so I love that you know the colours will work together. 

Most days I would use the basics palette and run but some days I need an extra bit of depth and sparkle so I throw on a cream eyeshadow in the centre lid. I love this colour as it is a perfect medium taupe. 

To change it up from my usual cat eye I have been veering towards brown eyeliner more and more. First off compared to a cat eye it takes half the time and I can also darken it up more or less depending on the look I want. 

I can’t be the only one who loves the free gifts makeup companies bring out at Christmas. This mascara from a bourgois set is a great little one for volume.

This was the last of my fancy makeup purchases of 2014 but considering it is 3 products in one I thought it was a practical purchase (this is what I tell myself to sleep at night). The blush is a lovely natural pinky peach, the highlighter can come out a bit glittery so I use a very light hand just on the top of my cheeks giving a golden shimmer, and I’m not usually a bronzer person but this one works well for me as it isn’t too orange. 

I love gloss crayons! In fact I just love any lipstick that comes in a crayon form! This gloss crayon from soap and glory looks a crazy orange colour when you take off the lid but once applied you get a really sheer peach gloss. I am the worst at reapplying throughout the day so when the gloss does wear away you are still left with the colour underneath which is great for the lazy girls out there like me. 

Hope you enjoyed this little peak into my makeup bag, I know it seems like a lot products when you lay it out like this but its takes a lot of work to fool the world into looking awake! 

Anyone else use the same products? Or recommend anything I might like that is similar? Let me know! 

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