Skincare || Lush Let the Good Times Roll

Thursday, March 12, 2015

I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to face washes and scrubs.  I find it hard to ever get to the end of a bottle as I swap them around so often.  I bought Lush Let the Good Times Roll face and body cleanser back last autumn but had forgotten about it behind my other hoard of products until now.

I didn’t really pay much attention when I bought this cleanser because as always in Lush it was the smell that got to me. With popcorn and cinnamon graduals I wasn’t sure whether to wash with it or eat it. When water is added the consistency turns very creamy and moisturising to the skin. This didn’t really suit my skin when I first bought it as we were after coming out of the summer but for the winter months it saved my dry skin and also leaves a golden glow after washing. I think for mature dry skin this would be a lifesaver but for anyone who suffers from oiliness or spot prone skin I would give it a miss so I am very selective about the days I use it. 

I do however recommend everyone to go to Lush and just give it a sniff. It will make you want to tuck into the closest cinnamon swirl bun. 

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