Living In Miniature || Travel Sizes and Testers Review

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Is it just me or do you find everything in your beauty stash after Christmas has shrunk down to fraction the size it should be? I have accumulated quiet a collection of mini products and testers from Christmas gift sets and have been working my way through them in recent weeks.

The Shiseido Extra Creamy Cleaning Foam is a perfect travel size and I love it as a makeup remover too as it is very gentle. I don’t think I would buy the full size though as it is a hefty price tag for what it is but it is a nice novelty to have a fancy face wash for a change. VOYA are an organic Irish brand and are fastly becoming a very popular spa brand in Ireland. I really wanted to try some of their products but didn’t know where to start so I was happy when I got these sachets with their candles for Christmas. The face mask is very different to what I expected. It is a clear gel rather than a traditional face mask which took me a minute to get my head around. I do love the fun of a mud mask but this one is great for adding moister back to my skin, and nobody would even realize you are wearing it. The face scrub reminds me of the infamously grainy St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I personally love an abrasive scrub, I really feel like it’s doing something but for some people this scrub might be a bit too harsh. I am really looking forward to visiting their spa in Sligo after trying their products and stepping into a seaweed bath

I mentioned the mini Bourgois mascara in my recent makeup post and I am really sad to see it running out. I’m lucky enough my lashes are already long but this works so well to add thickness. Also on rotation I have the No.7 Lasting Impact mascara Intense Volume. I wouldn’t really agree with the intense volume but it’s not bad everyday mascara for a bit of a lift. My favourite mini makeup find is the Elizabeth Arden Advanced Eye Fix Primer. It works so well to keep eyeshadow in place and has a base colour so even on its own works like a BB cream for eyes.  It is tiny but you only need a pea size amount so I still have a full tube.  

I am a fiend for free perfume testers. I just love anything in tiny packaging and it is also a great way to try out fancy perfumes without the price tag. I have always been a fan of sweet perfumes and all 3 of these hit that. Roses de Chloe is a perfect sweet floral without being too sickly. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh is quiet similar but with more citrus. Daisy Dream on the other hand is a great winter scent, still sweet but a bit deeper. It would be the scent I would wear for an evening, as it might be too much for during the day for me. 

What do you do with your testers? Save them for holidays, use them straight away or forget about them at the back of a drawer? 

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