Old and New || Favourite MAC Lipsticks

Saturday, March 14, 2015

I think most people that are into makeup can admit to having a little bit of a love affair with MAC lipsticks. With so many shades it’s easy to find your perfect colour, or colours in my case.  As my proximity to a MAC counter has been limited recently I am only able get my hands on some new lippies when passing through a duty free.  Thankfully I was able to pick up Plumful on my last trip away and I have been able to save my all time favourite Ruby Woo for special occasions. Here’s what I think of them. 

I think if there is one red lipstick that is hyped more that any other it is MAC Ruby Woo and for good reason. I lived in America on a J1 when I was in college and I was delighted when I got a job in MAC for the summer. I had coveted Ruby Woo for months, finally got my hands on it and it was as beautiful as I expected. If you are looking for a true vintage red this is perfect. It is very matte because of the clay used in the formula so it can be very drying of course but you will never have to worry about it going anywhere as it really stays put. Also seeing as I have had this lipstick for this long and still only half way through you’ll get your monies worth for the special occasions you’ll wear it for. 

I treated myself to this beauty when I was on my trip to Amsterdam. I had seen Lilypebbles mention it in a favourites video and I fell in love with the colour. I think when you are pale a true nude is hard to make work but something with a plum undertone can look nice and natrual. The formula of Plumful is a lustre so it is moisterising but the colour is also buildable. I prefer to keep it quite sheer and apply a bit to the centre of the lips and blend it out. 

Are you a big MAC person? Do you have a favourite lippie you just couldn’t part with? I believe that everyone should have at least one fancy lipstick in their collection to break out when needed. 

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