Macrame Hanging Planters || Easy Window Dressing

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Macrame cactus planter
I don’t know if it is a nostalgia thing or what but the style of my parent’s generation has been slowly creeping back into fashion. Thankfully we aren’t going as far to say bring back the brown velvet curtains but some things are making a welcome return. 
Hanging planters are the most Pinterest worthy of greenery for the home at the moment and I love it. Living in a tiny house we don’t have the luxury of lot of floor space large for planters or tables so having something colourful to fill a corner of the house or a window adds to an otherwise bare area is welcome. 
Macrame cactus planter
To tie the knots I used a tutorial from Nouvelle Daily as my guide, but really once you know the general idea of how it works its pretty easy to figure out and even create more intricate knot designs. If you have a really tiny space to fill like I had next to a window the IKEA cactus planters are perfect. And since they were so light I could use command strips to attach them to the roof instead of drilling holes. These little holders were my first attempt but I hope to do some bigger ones in the near future as I really love the 70s vibe from them. Now to go get some shag carpet to match. 

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