What's On My Face #3 || Birthday Edition

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Birthday makeup, rimmel, bourgois, kat von Dee, loreal, max factor, urban decay

I thought seeing as today is my birthday and I haven't had the chance to post anything for a while it was the perfect opportunity to show off the bit of effort I have actually had time to do to my face today. 
I honestly can't believe how fast this year has gone by. It doesn't seem than long ago I set myself my 25 Goals before 26 challenge (read that post HERE) and I haven't even had the chance to go through it and see what I completed, anyway thats for the next post. Since it is only Wednesday and I still have work to do, my birthday will be a pretty relaxed one with a bit of dinner and a trip to the cinema so I didn't go too crazy with the makeup. And as I do every year I plan to properly celebrate with the Eurovision on Saturday of course. 

My base is pretty similar to what I did in my last WOMF (link HERE) post but with the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer taking centre stage giving a lighter finish. I then added a bit of like to my face with the Max Factor Cream blush; if you read my April favourites (link HERE) you will know how much I am loving this and I am on now the hunt for some more cream blushes. For eyes (forgot to photograph, Doh!) I used the Naked Basics palette for a matte base and then did something I never have time or patience to do anymore, eyeliner. Every blogger who goes to the states goes on about the Kat Von Dee eyeliner so I got my cousin to pick one up for me last year (I even have a spare from another friend who went to New York!) and I have to say it really is the best liquid liner I have ever used. It is super dark but also its just really easy to get used to. I really wanted a red lip today but I didn't want something in your face so I rooted in my makeup drawer and dug out the Loreal Glam Shine Colour Splash in Princess. It's a really nice coral red gloss and you can build it up to a more intense colour. I just really like that it fades to a nice sheen of colour throughout the day. 

I know so many people with birthdays around the same time as mine so Happy Birthday to anyone else who is celebrating this month! 

Later x

Birthday makeup, rimmel, bourgois, kat von Dee, loreal, max factor, urban decay

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