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Monday, October 19, 2015

Time and time again on this blog of mine I disappear for a few months only to emerge again with some new thoughts on blogging and the direction I am going in my life (my mother is right, I am very dramatic). I have actually missed blogging the few months I have been away, even though I have felt a few frustrations towards the blogging world lately. I am learning to put those feelings aside though, step away from negativity and focus more on my own little island here. 

I have shockingly been blogging on and off since the glorious year of 2009 (actually earlier than that but lets hide those posts from memory!) so I have seen this online world go through many phases and trends, my blog included. During all these resurrections of my own blog I have never been able to find and fit into the perfect “niche”. I would try blog on one specific topic but then get bored and, like I have the past few months step back from it all. The blogging scene is a changed game and I wasn’t really enjoy the whole “professional blogger” push there seemed to be with people at the moment. I like sharing but I get very uncomfortable in pushing myself as a brand or an expert. When I starting blogging all I wanted was connect with people with similar interests to me as I found that difficult in the real world, and being a professional blogger was never my end goal. You blogged what you wanted, when you wanted, and just had fun with it, there wasn’t as much show as there seems to be now. 

Don’t get me wrong I love sharing a good lipstick find as much as the next girl but I really want to get back to sharing a bit of everything. For myself more than anyone else, so in the future I can look back and see what I was thinking and doing at different points in my life. I still plan to share beauty posts but I’m not defining myself as a beauty blogger, I will share parts of my life but lifestyle blogger doesn’t fit either, might throw some food in there too but food blogging is a no go with my cooking skills but whatever I decide to post I know it will be for me. I don’t think I will ever find my niche but I’m ok with that. 

Thankfully I’m not the only one experiencing the changes in the blogging tide in the past few months and some amazing ladies have also shared their thoughts. Some small bloggers like me but I have even noticed in bigger bloggers too that I have looked up to for years sharing their thoughts on the current online world.

Anyway enough of the drama, I have a few fun posts planned so hopefully I will get those up soon including some new makeup buys, my trip to New York and some home updates. You can follow my blog on bloglovin HERE (I changed my URL so if you want to keep following here go click follow there too!)

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