To Love a Bold Lip

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

If there is one beauty item I like to mention over any other on this blog it is a good lipstick. It's the one item of makeup I always seem to find an excuse to buy more of, no matter how many shades of the same red I may already own. I think it's a big reason for my love of Christmas too, as let's be honest I am a hermit most of the time so my poor lipsticks don't get much of an outing until then. 

If you are only finding your feet with bold lips NYX is a great place to start as they are such good value for money. Their formulas are also really long lasting, in particular the matte lip creams like this one in Monte Carlo, a rich red. Or if you want a bit more control the matte lipstick bullets work great too, Indie Flick is the perfect orange toned red.

When I am feeling a bit more dramatic and want to get away from the reds a good plum is a good way to go with Sloans Plum from Rimmel. This is an intense blue toned plum so sometimes I do like to warm it up with a touch of red over the top, plus some powder as the formula is a bit more creamy for such an intense colour.

And when I am really feeling on the bolder side I will go for the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Backstage Bambi. The colour of this lipstick makes me think of melted down Barbie heels but in the best possible way, it feels great when applied and lasts all day!

Have any favourite bold lipsticks or are you more au natural when it comes to the Christmas season? 

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