Christmas Wishlist 2015

Saturday, December 12, 2015

It must be a sign of getting older or I am just getting a bit more minimal but when I was a kid/teenager I used to have a Christmas list as long as my arm full of things I wanted. Nowadays when family ask me what I want for Christmas it can be hard not to ask for something super practical over something I would really cherish. Case in point a more recent Christmas I got a hard drive from my brothers, not the most glam of presents but I did really need it. 

My wishlist this year is still on the minimal side but I have tried to steer clear of practical gifts (even though I really could use a new ironing board, ha!)

Grey faux Leather Jacket from Vero Moda
Some people would argue this is a practical present but if you saw the amount of jackets I own you you agree I am no need of a new one. I have never found a black leather jacket to suit me though so when I saw this charcoal grey I fell for it.

Names Kathleen Necklace from Irish Design Shop
I have been a fan of Irish Design Shop since it opened its door a few years back. They always have a great eye for Irish made products and love the way they curate it all together. When I saw recently they were starting their own jewellery line I got very excited as I knew the style would be right up my street.

Mac Lipsticks in Chili and Mehr
You can't have a Christmas without having a luxury beauty product in your wishlist. Throughout the year I have become pretty frugal when it comes to makeup sticking more towards my pharmacy brands but Christmas allows for something a bit fancier in your stocking. 

Jo Malone Perfume in Wood Sage & Sea Salt
Again keeping with the luxury theme my true expensive love in Jo Malone. I can't help but sniff everything in sight when I walk past their counters. One I am always drawn to is Wood Sage and Sea Salt, maybe due to my current coastal surrounding. 

The Bearded Candlemakers Candle in A Real Turf Woodfire
I am a bit of a candle fiend. Considering the size of my house there are already far too many candles in every corner of the place. I actually came across The Bearded Candlemakers on Instagram so I haven't even had the chance to smell them yet but their great photos and packaging won me over and I really need to get my nose into one. 

Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling
No Christmas is complete without a great book and I love going into the New Year with a bit of inspiration. Last year it was Amy Poehler but this year I really want to read the new Mindy Kaling book. Her last book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? is still one of my favourites and I have read and listened to the audiobook version on a few occasions now.

Would love to know if any of these are on your Christmas list, or is there anything I should add quick before subtly sharing with friends and family ;)

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