Practicing Some Self Discipline | Blogmas 2015

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

I really want to show love to this blog of mine I really do, but sometimes the call of Netflix is so much stronger! I have folders of blog post drafts trapped on my computer wanting to see the light of day but I use the excuse they just aren't ready yet for me to put out there or don't "fit" my blog. Because there is so many waiting for me to hit the publish button on I can't get any creativity going, get them out there and move on. The end of 2015 is fast approaching and as proud as I am of some accomplishments this year the one thing I know I haven't done is challenge myself and practice some self discipline. 

To push myself into the New Year I am going to partake in the the festively names #Blogmas. If you are a Youtube head and have heard of #Vlogmas it basically means I will publish something up here everyday between now and December 24th. I can't promise great content everyday (this post basically content explaining future content, ha!) but I want to at least try something to get me motivated again and get back into this hobby of mine I use to really enjoy! 

If you are planning a December challenge for yourself or also taking part in #Blogmas let me know! 

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