Travel Diary || New York New York (Part 1)

Sunday, December 06, 2015

I have been wanting to get this post together for so long but trying to format this many photos in Blogger is just a pain! (planning to change to Squarespace in the new year). So finally here it is, my Travel Diary from my trip to New York back in August. I was lucky enough that through a project I worked on this year I got the chance to head over for a few days and Anthony could come too so we made a proper holiday out of it. We were there for almost two weeks so I’ll break this post into two parts (Click here for Part 2) to show you all the tasty and fun things we got up to through our phone and camera lenses. Be prepared for for many a food and typical tourist photo!

I'm not gonna lie going from Donegal to New York was a bit of a culture shock but there was so many beautiful buildings I couldn't help but feel I was just in an elaborate movie set (or maybe I have watched Home Alone 2 on far too many occasions). Not only the obvious differences of having something to see and do on every corner but oh wow that August humidity is something I was not used to! Thankfully when needing a city escape you could get lost in Central Part or thankfully an air conditioned apartment. We got an adorable Air BnB apartment in the West Village away from the craziness of central Manhattan.
We of course did all the super touristy stuff (as you do) but what I really wanted to experience was the FOOD! One thing we didn't do was hold ourselves back, it was just impossible, and when you're on holidays there is no rules. Doughnuts, pancakes, waffles, bacon, pizza, eggs of all shapes and sizes and an iced coffees the size of my head we definitely indulged. It was like a hipster paradise for food but what I really loved were all the traditional New York diners, everything oversized and free coffee refills the minute you turn your head. It's a good thing I live somewhere remote the majority of the time otherwise I  would become such a glutton. 

One of my stand out experiences from the trip had to be The Highline, an abandoned rail line turned public walkway. It doesn't sound like much and it could have been heat delirium but it is really my best memory from the trip. To be expected when such a famous city many areas in New York can be over crowded tourist traps trying to sell you whatever they can ("Selfie Sticks, Get your selfie sticks!"*New York accent sales guy everywhere!*) but The Highline seems to have escaped that. It is a mile long elevated strip spanning the west side of Manhattan filled with wind flowers and tranquil spaces to sit and relax. We went just as the sun was setting so by the end of our walk the majority of our SD card had been filled! In parts you can see it being developed into luxury apartment blocks so I can see it losing it charms down the road but for now it's a great slice of New York city life.

CLICK HERE for Part 2

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