Travel Diary || New York New York (Part 2)

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

The biggest influence for any of my tourist treks (Read Part 1 Here) in New York was of course my love of any movie featuring Tom Hanks (isn't that everyone?) so I was really wanting to go to the top of the Empire State Building and pretend I was Meg Ryan even just for a few moments. But who knew that the hottest month of the year in New York is also still a pretty busy tourist month and the queue to get in was INSANE. And when we tried to book the wait for that was also crazy. I accepted my defeat that I wasn't going to get to see the New York skyline until Anthony went a booked tickets for the newly opened One World Observatory. It's only been open a year and there are elements of the tour that is already outdated but once you get past all the cheese the view from the top is so impressive giving you a full 360 of New York.

An area we made many a venture back to was Chinatown. I have been to Chinatown in London but it almost blends into your surrounding before you realise you are in a different area but in New York it's amazing how much of a shift there was from just turning a corner. From the live music in the park to the smells and sounds it was all of its own. And side by side with Little Italy that has it's own identity again separate to everything else surrounding it.
Our last hurrah before heading home was a boat trip around Manhattan and making a quick stop off to Brooklyn, which after almost 2 weeks of running around was a nice chilled out way to take in the sights. That is one thing about New York, because there is so much to do it is not the place to go if you are looking for a relaxing retreat. I do enjoy the running around but when you factor in all the running for work too I was happy to sit on a boat for a few hours or pretending to be a hobbit taking full advantage of two of every meal (Second breakfast is my thing!).

Our boat trip we thought would be end to all the spectacular things we had seen on our trip and we were now getting excited to go back to the wilds (and cool winds) of Donegal. As we are crazy 20 something's our last night consisted of us heading back to our apartment and passing out exhausted at 10.00pm, until we were jolted awake from knocking on our apartment. We had only met about 3 people in the building the whole time we were there so we were a bit confused. Then the yelling came "Fire, Fire!". We hadn't even packed at this point as we were planning to leave late the next morning. My first reaction was to grab my laptop (priorities Claire!) but thankfully Anthony was thinking straight and said grab the passports! The entire apartment block was gathered outside in a huddle with two fire engines arriving in a matter of minutes. The full left hand side of the building was going up in large red flames. Thankfully our apartment was centre to the right so it was ok, but even if it wasn't we only had our suitcases there. For others in the building it was their homes. After 4 hours on the street we were finally let back inside. A film of smoke and dust filled the apartment. We tried to sleep with all the windows open to air the place out but by this time it was 4am. We got ourselves out of there as soon as we could come daylight and looked forward to getting back home.

New York you were just as I expected; exciting, exhausting, fun, entertaining and memorable. Hopefully see you again soon. x

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