Life Lately #6 || A Hello to 2016

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hello 2016! I'm a bit late getting in to say that but it's fitting as this is my first post of the year. I had intended on keeping up this little blog and was really getting into posting in December but once January hit life started to spiral out of hand. I was working from home but clocking up a 60 hours a week after taking on way to much with work and this area of my life got forgotten. But after a stressful start to the year I am in a much more content space right now and want to bring back this little space for all my rambles. Let's start getting back into it with a roundup of some highlights from the year.

Trip to London with Two Blogger Babes

I have been blogging on and off for at least 7 years and in that time I have got to know some very cool ladies. Two of those lovely ladies, who have been constants through all the blog changes are  Aoife Blake and Rebecca from Cleannosh. We have been online friends for a long time but we were all yet to meet in real life! As Rebecca and Aoife are both newly engaged and living in the UK we decided a great excuse to meet up would be a wedding show in London (the fear on my bf face when I told him this was priceless). In February I jetted off to London, slightly nervous but more excited to meet up for a jam packed weekend. Once we met it was like we were old friends and had so much to chat about! We fit a lot into the weekend including the wedding show, a trip to the massive Oxford Street Lush (literally heaven!), dinner at Jamies Diner and of course a lot of browsing around Wholefoods. Can’t wait to plan our next trip together but next time I won't save all my photos to my snapchat story and forget to save it. Doh!

Work and Changing Directions

As I mentioned the beginning of the year spiralled into a very stressful time for me. I was basically doing a full time job plus full time freelance and it all got the better of me. I began doubting myself and my abilities and ran away from it all into another job that was completely the wrong fit. After realising the new job I had taken on was not for me I knew I needed to move on quickly, and after only 2 months I packed it in. I felt very guilty for letting everyone down like I did but sometimes you have to go with your gut and my gut was telling me to get out of there and get back to what I was doing. After that I took a step back from it all to figure my head out. I know not everyone would be in the position to do this but I’m very lucky to have savings and live in a very cheap part of the country to allow myself to have a small mental break.

Exploring Italy

With all the drama my brain was pretty drained and fear was starting to set in on what I was now going to do with my life now. Before getting stuck in to figuring that out we decided to get away from reality for a bit. The boyfriend booked flights to Italy in May and we were off for a 10 day trip only a few weeks later in June. It was our first proper holiday together where we could actually relax and not running around. We went to New York last year (see those posts here) but we worked the majority of that trip so to actually mooch around and eat our weight in Italian food everyday was amazing. We travelled the heel of Italy, Puglia and couldn't recommend enough. Check out our quick little video diary below:

My new website and blog!

After my little break away and holiday it was time to finally sit down and figure out what I wanted to do with my life (at least in the current moment anyway). I know now that working from home is my ideal and also working for myself so it’s time for me to take this and run with it! For the past 2 months I have been working on my new business website and I am delighted to say it is finally launched! I am a Virtual Assistant helping creatives, entrepreneurs and fellow bloggers get the most from their small business. This is an area I have been working  in some form or another for the past 3 years but had never actually put a website or a brand behind it. It was about time I finally put it out there and pursue something I love. If you yourself are also freelance or running your own empire please head over and check out how you can work with me. It’s so easy to have self doubt but the one this I have learned this year is to be proud of yourself and your achievements and I am very proud of this website and seeing people actually benefit from it. There is also a weekly blog where I share my advice on working for yourself as well as social media and organisational tips.

Usually after writing a post like this I would make a promise that I was planning lots of future posts and I will get more consistent but to be honest this blog is my personal space so I’ll see you when I see you. If you want more weekly/ daily updates you can follow me on Snapchat/ Instagram/ Twitter and of course weekly blog posts on Claire Ann Digital.

Thanks for checking back in,
Claire :)

Photo Credit: Thanks to the bf Anthony for letting me steal his photo of me ;) 

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